Print View (From a db template)

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Print View (From a db template)

Two basic ways that a print view page can be generated.


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Web pages usually print pretty lousy. Typically, background colors are not displayed (unless you change the browser settings) and depending on site the width may be set much wider than the printer can handle on the horizontal for an 8 ½ page.

Providing a printer friendly format adds immeasurable value for your users. There are two basic ways that a print view page can be generated. The first way is with a separate page that just has the “guts” of the page display without the banners and other items (this is how the Print View Icon on works).

The second is to strategically place a couple of simple tautologies that will display banners and other items in the typical or “default” view and allows a link back to the same page with a querystring value that will be used to suppress everything but the db output.    More detail...

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