Lets bake some cookies!

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Lets bake some cookies!

This turorial explains how to set and read cookies in ASP pages.


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  • Domain - haneng.com

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  • Submitted By - Devesh Khanna

  • Submitted on - 2008-03-06 09:08:00


One of the problems on the net is that you seldom know whom your dealing with. Is it a newbie on your site, a regular guest or your boss? Wouldn't it be cool if you could display different pages to each of them? Show an intro and a guide to the newbie.

Cut the crap and display what's new to the regular, and show of all the bells and whistles to the boss (you boss will be impressed over that 10MB flash animation, and don't bother to tell him that not everyone is visiting your site from your local 100Mb network). With cookies you can tag them, and know if they been on your site before etc.    More detail...

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