Learn Animating with sound

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Learn Animating with sound

ok, is everything on the timeline? great! now lets get to the fun part of it.


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Welcome back to a new after effects tutorial, this one isn't going to be very long.
I just want that you guys don't need to buy expensive plugins for after effects to be able to synchronise your animations with any music.
But.. if you need more control of the sound.. then go have a look at Trapcode-Soundkeys for a more accurate soundplugin.

Let's get to work.. Before you start get yourself something to drink, then I promise you, you will be playing with this for hours :))

Ok, enough with the jokes.. ;)
First of all get a nice sound file with some good clear beats, mine isn't really perfect, but I couldn't find any *legal* mp3 to use here. I bet you have something better then this.    More detail...

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