Learn Animating with sound

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Learn Animating with sound

ok, is everything on the timeline? great! now lets get to the fun part of it.


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Welcome back to a new after effects tutorial, this one isn't going to be very long. <br />I just want that you guys don't need to buy expensive plugins for after effects to be able to synchronise your animations with any music. <br />But.. if you need more control of the sound.. then go have a look at Trapcode-Soundkeys for a more accurate soundplugin.<br /><br />Let's get to work.. Before you start get yourself something to drink, then I promise you, you will be playing with this for hours :))<br /><br />Ok, enough with the jokes.. ;) <br />First of all get a nice sound file with some good clear beats, mine isn't really perfect, but I couldn't find any *legal* mp3 to use here. I bet you have something better then this.    More detail...

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