Introduction to ActiveX Data Object

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Introduction to ActiveX Data Object

This tutorial provides you a quick introduction of ActiveX Data Object (ADO)


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What is ADO?

ADO: An application programming interface (API) to access relational database management systems.

* ADO is provided as a DLL, and usually installed at "c:program filescommon filessystemadomsadox.dll".
* ADO can access databases connected through ODBC data source names (DSN).
* ADO can also access MS Access database files.
* ADO is built on top of OLE DB technology.
* ADO API is very similar to DAO.

If you want your ASP pages to access your customer relation management (CRM) system, which is running on an Oracle database system, you need to:

1. Install an ODBC driver for Oracle database systems.

2. Create a DSN with ODBC that connects to the CRM system on the Oracle system.

3. Create ADO object in the ASP page, and connect it to the DSN.

4. Using the methods offered by the ADO object to update and query the CRM system.    More detail...

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