Introduction to ActiveX Data Object

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Introduction to ActiveX Data Object

This tutorial provides you a quick introduction of ActiveX Data Object (ADO)


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What is ADO?<br /><br />ADO: An application programming interface (API) to access relational database management systems.<br /><br /> * ADO is provided as a DLL, and usually installed at "c:program filescommon filessystemadomsadox.dll".<br /> * ADO can access databases connected through ODBC data source names (DSN).<br /> * ADO can also access MS Access database files.<br /> * ADO is built on top of OLE DB technology.<br /> * ADO API is very similar to DAO.<br /><br />If you want your ASP pages to access your customer relation management (CRM) system, which is running on an Oracle database system, you need to:<br /><br />1. Install an ODBC driver for Oracle database systems.<br /><br />2. Create a DSN with ODBC that connects to the CRM system on the Oracle system.<br /><br />3. Create ADO object in the ASP page, and connect it to the DSN.<br /><br />4. Using the methods offered by the ADO object to update and query the CRM system.    More detail...

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