Installing ASP on Windows machines

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Installing ASP on Windows machines

This step by step how-to will teach you how to install asp on a windows machine.


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Windows 98 Installation<br /><br />To run ASP on Windows 98 you will need to install the Personal Web Server that is shipped with Windows 98.<br /><br />Access the Windows 98 CD<br /><br />Find the Personal Web server folder titled /PWS<br /><br />Run setup.exe<br /><br />After the installation an INETPUB folder will created goto it.<br /><br />Find wwwroot, open it then create a folder of your choice we’ll call it website<br /><br />Now copy and paste a sample ASP file and insert it into the website folder.<br /><br />Open PWS using the PWS icon<br /><br />run http://localhost/website/yourfile.asp in your web browser to check it works.<br /><br />well done it’s now Installed!    More detail...

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