Implementing a Guest Book Using ADO

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Implementing a Guest Book Using ADO

If you want to add a guest book to your site, then this article is for you .


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One thing you're most likely to implement more than once in your career as a web page programmer is guest books. When your career already spans some years, then you might have implemented guest books using Perl or even CGI, or with Internet Information Server (IIS) using the Internet Database Connector, IDC.

With IIS 3.0 the new Active Server Pages (ASP) were added and enabled almost everyone to start programming cool, customized and data-driven web pages in next to no time. This article deals with the latter - getting database data live on the Web and also gathering data on a web page that is then inserted into a database.

Active Server Pages comes with Active Data Objects (ADO) that allow database access easy and fast. Before diving into the process of creating the guest book, I've provided a brief overview of ADO. Those already familiar with ADO can skip this section.    More detail...

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