How to view javadoc in Netbeans IDE 7.0

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How to view javadoc in Netbeans IDE 7.0

Recently I have downloaded Netbeans IDE 7.0 to learn its GUI builder Matisse and I was impressed with the changes I saw in the Netbeans from my last


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I was a hardcore Netbeans fan when I was developing mobile application using J2ME and Netbeans integrated environment with WTK, Profiler and Network Monitor just rocks and on top of that they had conditional compilation feature based on type of platform you were working like you could maintain your code easily even if you are using device specific libraries e.g. Nokia UI library etc. Anyway those were the things of past, what attracted me is the Javadoc feature of Netbeans. Though this feature might have been existed long back I have just started using it. Earlier to see javadoc I used to Google and then go to Sun (now Oracle) website to view javadoc of any class. While playing with Netbeans I discovered that you can easily javadoc in the Netbeans IDE itself no need to visit the web.    More detail...

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