How to use a CSS Reset

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How to use a CSS Reset

The what, why, and how of using a CSS Reset Stylesheet.


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What is a CSS Reset?

A CSS Reset is a chunk of CSS code which defines baseline styles for some (or all) HTML elements. There are a plethora of CSS Reset stylesheets out there, and it's easy to write your own.

Why use a CSS Reset?

Different browsers use varied default style settings, and these differences can screw up your layout! Resetting these styles to one base evens out the differences, meaning fewer cross-browser issues when designing a website.
And in the end, there is little to lose. A very basic CSS Reset takes up little space and can be easily over-written if it presents any problems.

How To Use a CSS Reset:

  • Either write your own or copy-paste a free version into the top of your style.css.

  • Alternately, you can save the CSS Reset in a different file, (reset.css), and then call it at the top of your style.css.

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