How to Add Videos in Powerpoint 2010

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How to Add Videos in Powerpoint 2010

Need to add videos to your presentation? Read this tutorial


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Ever wanted to add video to your PowerPoint presentation but were not sure how? Ever tried to use a video from a website, like YouTube, but have not been able to make it work except as a link in PowerPoint? I hope these tips will help you answer those questions!

To add a video from a file on your computer:

+ Open PowerPoint and Click the Insert tab

+ On the very right choose Video and then select Video from File

+ Navigate to where your file is stored and select your video

+ After the video is on your slide, you will have two Video Tools tabs at the top called “Format” and “Playback”

+ On the Video Tools Format tab, you can adjust the brightness or color saturation

+ You can also add a Poster Frame, which is an image for the cover of the video that shows up before the video runs. When you click on Poster frame, you can navigate to and choose an image from your files.

+ Additionally on the Video Tools Format tab, you can change the video style so that it might look framed in black or like a beveled rectangle, for example.

+ On the Video Tools Playback tab, you have some basic video editing tools available. You can trim the video from the front or the back end.

+ You can also add a fade in and fade out option on the Video Tools Playback tab

To add a Video from YouTube (so that it runs within PowerPoint):

+ Open a web browser and navigate to the YouTube video you would like to use

+ Switch to PowerPoint and click the Insert tab

+ On the very right choose Video and then select Video from Web Site

+ You will leave the dialog box that opened because you will be coming back to paste the embed code

+ Switch back to your web browser and click the Share button under the video window

+ Click the Embed button and make sure that “Use old embed code” checkbox is selected

+ Copy embed code and go back to PowerPoint

+ Paste embed code into dialog box

+ NOTE: You will need an Internet connect on the computer where you do the presentation since you are linking to the YouTube video page.

Voila! You now have video in PowerPoint!    More detail...

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