How To Install Apache Tomcat on Linux(RedhatUbuntu)

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How To Install Apache Tomcat on Linux(RedhatUbuntu)

What is Apache tomcat? Ans: An ApacheTomcat is an open source web application server which supports J2ee Servlets, JavaServer,


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Some terminology about Apache tomcat.<br />An Apache Tomcat can be configured by editing server.xml file. This server.xml file of Tomcat can take as synonyms to httpd.conf file for Apache web server.<br /><br />Servlet is defined as a way add dynamic content to a Web server using the Java platform. A servlet container is a compiled, executable program. The servlet container name of Tomcat is called as Catalina.<br /><br />Prerequisite for Apache tomcat are<br />java<br />JDK<br />Step by step for installing Apache tomcat<br />Note: Avoide installing tomcat from repositories, always prefer to install it from source downloaded from Apache site.<br /><br />Step1: Install all the prerequisites<br /><br />Redhat:<br /><br />#yum install java<br />Ubuntu:<br /><br />#apt-get install java<br />Step2: Download tomcat source package and uncompress it.    More detail...

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