How To Install Apache Tomcat on Linux(RedhatUbuntu)

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How To Install Apache Tomcat on Linux(RedhatUbuntu)

What is Apache tomcat? Ans: An ApacheTomcat is an open source web application server which supports J2ee Servlets, JavaServer,


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Some terminology about Apache tomcat.
An Apache Tomcat can be configured by editing server.xml file. This server.xml file of Tomcat can take as synonyms to httpd.conf file for Apache web server.

Servlet is defined as a way add dynamic content to a Web server using the Java platform. A servlet container is a compiled, executable program. The servlet container name of Tomcat is called as Catalina.

Prerequisite for Apache tomcat are
Step by step for installing Apache tomcat
Note: Avoide installing tomcat from repositories, always prefer to install it from source downloaded from Apache site.

Step1: Install all the prerequisites


#yum install java

#apt-get install java
Step2: Download tomcat source package and uncompress it.    More detail...

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