Flowing Background - How to prepare a graphic bed

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Flowing Background - How to prepare a graphic bed

I will show you how to prepare a graphic bed for an opener or just as a background for your portfolio or similar work.


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  • Submitted on - 2008-04-15 11:38:54


I'm now working since a few weeks on my new portfolio, and I was searching for a way on how to make my background a bit more attractive, so I thought of recording some cigarette smoke. Me and my friends started to smoke like hell in front of a black wall so I could use it for my background. I've included a small part of the movie for you to play around.

You can download the footage HERE

First of all, let's start with a new composition, I've used 320x240 for the size and a comp length of 10 seconds, name this composition "Curtain".    More detail...

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