Fast Puffy Type Explosions

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This tutorial will show how to make simple puffy explosion using fluids in Maya. It will explode and than give off black smoke.


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First set dynamic menu set. Go to Fluid Effects/Create 3d container.

This fluid will be driven by animation of some shading parameters. There’s no need to use simulation data. That’s non dynamic fluid. It’s faster then dynamic but less accurate. It’s good for fast explosions like anti aircraft shell explosions for example.

Go to shading tab, set color to dark gray, its input to constant, set incandescence from bright yellow via red to black and its input to center gradient. Set opacity to like this in picture below. It's input is also center gradient.

Input graphs let you define the shape of the falloff for color, incandescence and transparency. Right side is the center of the fluid, and left is boundary. Move input bias slider to offset the graph. ...

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