Excel 2007 Screen Elements

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Excel 2007 Screen Elements

These elements included Office button, Quick Access Toolbar, Ribbon, Name box, Formula bar, Sheet tabs, Status bar, and Zoom control


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# Office button: Opens the Office menu, from which you can open, save, print, and start new worksheets.

# Quick Access Toolbar: A small toolbar next to the Office button contains shortcuts for some of the most common commands.

# Ribbon: A combination of menu bar and toolbar, offering tabbed "pages" of buttons, lists, and commands.

# Name box: Displays the address of the current active cell where you work in the worksheet.

# Formula bar: Displays the address of the active cell on the left edge, and it also shows you the current cell's contents.

# Sheet tabs: Excel 2007 contains 3 blank worksheet tabs by default. Click on the intended tab will go to the particular worksheet.

# Status bar: Reports information about the worksheet and provides shortcuts for changing the view and the zoom.

# Zoom control: Use to zoom the Excel screen in or out by dragging the slider.    More detail...

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