Emacs Beginners

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Emacs Beginners

This document introduces Linux users to the Emacs editor. It assumes minimal familiarity with vi or a similar editor.


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This document is targeted at the Linux user interested in learning a<br /> bit about Emacs and trying it out. This actually began as the outline<br /> of a brief tutorial that I was to give at a Toledo Area Linux User<br /> Group meeting: http://www.talug.org/. It has since grown a bit as the<br /> result of the helpful feedback I have received from the community. See<br /> the Credits section for details.<br /><br /> Having said that, there is virtually nothing Linux-specific in this<br /> document. It applies to virtually all flavors of Unix and even Emacs<br /> running on Microsoft Windows. But since this document is part of the<br /> Linux Documentation Project, I make a point of saying that it was<br /> developed for Linux users--because it was.    More detail...

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