Creating a simple starfield space effect

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Creating a simple starfield space effect

Easily create this amazing starfield in photoshop to give your pictures that outer space look and feel.
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  • Submitted on: 2008-04-09 08:46:06

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Step 1. Create a new image. Fill it with the color black. Then go to filter, noise, add noise. Amount 15, Guassian, Monochromatic.

Step 2. Create another layer. Fill this one with black. Again, go to filter, noise, add noise, and use the same settings. Then go to brightness/contrast. Lower the brightness, and up the contrast until the stars are more spaced out. Set this layer to screen.

Then go to the first (background) layer, and brighten/contrast this layer as well. Using the eraser, delete small areas in the top layer, to make the stars look more diverse. You can flatten the layer if you would like.    More detail...

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