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A homepage design for a fictional office supply company. Builds on my earlier header tutorial: Business Header. If you don't want to bother making the header, you can just copy the jpeg in step 1.<br /><br />This tutorial uses layer styles, basic shapes, clipping paths, and masks.<br /><br /> <br /> 1. Here is the header you will be starting with:<br /><br /> 2.Create a new Photoshop document, 780x663px. Double click the background layer in the layers window to unlock it and fill it with the Paint Bucket tool. Use the color #2894c2 (see image for help). Paste in the header from step 1 (Ctrl+click to copy it from step 1, then Ctrl+P to paste into your Photoshop document) and line it up at the top of the image.    More detail...

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