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Broadcast Your Powerpoint Presentation

How to broadcast your PowerPoint presentation
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Did you know that you can broadcast a PowerPoint 2010 presentation? Essentially, you are able to send a link via email to the people with whom you would like to share the presentation. Then, they can all watch the show at the same time

To get the presentation to broadcast, you have to employ the use of a broadcast service. If you have a Sharepoint site set up with the Microsoft Office Web Apps installed, you can have your administrator create a broadcast site for you and the audience members. Note: The audience members must be able to obtain access to the Sharepoint broadcast site, too, for it to work correctly. Since I do not have a Sharepoint site, I use the PowerPoint Broadcast Service. Anyone can get a free Windows Live ID and then use it to broadcast their PowerPoint.

There are some factors to consider when setting up your PowerPoint for broadcast:

1. All audience members must be able to use Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari for Mac browsers to connect to the Internet.

2. Some of your transitions, audio, and video may need to be adjusted. All transitions will have a Fade effect during the broadcast. Audio and videos will not show or play to your audience. So, you might need to upload the video to a separate site to be able to show it to anyone watching your presentation.

After making the above changes/adjustments, if necessary, you are ready to broadcast!

1. Click on the Slide Show tab and then select the Broadcast Slide show button (in the Start Slide Show group). If you want to use the Broadcast service, then click “Start Broadcast” in the Broadcast Slide Show dialog box. If you are using another Sharepoint service, then you will need to click “Change Broadcast Service”. You will then need to select the service you would like to use to broadcast your show. If you cannot see the service you would like to use, then you will need to select “Add a new service”.

2. After choosing the Start Broadcast button, a web address (URL) will be created for you. You can send it out via email by copying and pasting the link into the body of your email. Each of the participants in your broadcast will then be able to click on the unique web address in the email and see the presentation after you have selected “Start Slide Show”. During your presentation broadcast, you will have a “Broadcast” tab that will appear with options for you during the presentation. You can end the show by hitting the ESC key to end your PowerPoint show and then click “End Broadcast”.    More detail...

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