Array Variables in Perl

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This tutorial walks through using array variables in Perl.


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You’ve already seen simple arrays. We used them for the “command line” variables. Simple arrays begin with the “@” symbol. If you want a specific value from the array, you index that value using its number in the array. If you want the first item from the array, you ask for “$ARGV[0]”. If you want the third item, use “$ARGV[2]”.

Arrays always use the “@” symbol. Scalar variables always use the “$” symbol. A piece of an array is always a scalar. (You can’t have arrays inside of arrays in simple Perl.) That's why you use “@” to refer to the entire array, and “$” to refer to items within the array. If you want to know how many values are in an array, use the scalar variable $#ARRAY. This is actually the index of the last element, so for the count, you’ll need to add one. ...

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