Add an email account to a windows 2003 pop3 service

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Add an email account to a windows 2003 pop3 service

Lets you add an user email account to windows 2003 pop3 service using script.


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You can use two ways to manage windows 2003 pop3 service and it's email accounts. Microsoft has two basic ways to do it:
- using pop3 service snapin to mmc (p3server.msc) for interactive work
- using winpop.exe command line. The command line can be used to manage accounts from script, but you will have a lot of work with monitoring output, etc.

Better way is to use P3Admin.dll and it's programming interface. The DLL is not finished work (as you can see inside the DLL), but is is a better way for the task than command line.    More detail...

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