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Learn how to use VBScript and textfiles to make content on your site easy to update.


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Learn to use VBScript and text files to make content on your site easy to update (in fact so easy that your boss could do it!).

Most of today's websites features content that needs to be fresh, like news, pricelists, special offers etc. etc. And usually you have to go through this long routine everytime you need to make an update:
1. Open the HTML/ASP file with your texteditor/HTMLeditor.
2. Make the changes.
3. Upload the file to your website through an FTP program

This takes some time, but it's not that bad. The only real problem is that YOU have to do the update. Would you let your co-workers who can't even spell HTML anywhere near that file? I think not! So what can you do? As always comes to the rescue! ...

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