4 Tools to Convert PDF to Word

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4 Tools to Convert PDF to Word

PDF to Word converters can help you extract the editable objects and text from PDF files, so that you can edit charts in Word or Visio and make change
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The most common way to reuse PDF files is converting them to MS Word for editing and quoting. You may want to copy some interesting paragraphs or elegant sentences from PDF files. Furthermore, you may receive business or financial charts in the PDF format and would like to use them in your document or presentation. Do not fancy that you can copy and paste the text from PDFs, most magazines and copyright protected PDF files do not allow copying. PDF to Word converters can help you extract the editable objects and text from PDF files, so that you can edit charts in Word or Visio and make changes to color, shape, line weight and so on. Following 4 ways shows what kind of tools you should choose for converting read only PDF to word.

1. Nitro online PDF Converter is a good choice. It is a FREE online PDF to Word converter, which is no add-ons and no installation. However, it is still a BETA version and only the files smaller than 10MB can be converted. You need the paid version of Nitro if you want to convert larger PDF files. http://www.pdftoword.com/

2. PDF to Word converter is an affordable tool that can convert large size PDF files, it has a charming price of $ 29. The program is independent of Microsoft and Adobe Reader. Compared with some expensive PDF to word tools, the output quality may not the best, just Get the balance between price and quality in choosing PDF to word converter.

3. Solid Converter PDF is the most powerful PDF to Word tool I’ve ever tried. It is a PDF converter that can convert PDF files to word and a PDF create that can create PDF files from other file format. Moreover, It is a PDF editor that can edit PDF files. But the conversion rate is very slow. http://www.soliddocuments.com/

4. Investintech Able2doc. The conversion quality speed are better than others, and it gives you a step by step guide on how to convert PDF to word. But in my opinion, the interface of the program can be improved a lot. http://www.investintech.com/prod_a2d.htm

Other PDF to Word tools like helloPDF, veryPDF and so on, are popular in the market, but after testing many PDF converters, the 4 tools recommended above works well.    More detail...

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