3D Graphics Tutorial - Earth-Like Planets

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3D Graphics Tutorial - Earth-Like Planets

In Lightwave Modeler, use Ball Numeric (ctrl + n after choosing Ball from the menu) and create a sphere with the following specifications.


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Once it is created, subpatch it (Tab). Save it, and send it to Layout. It should look something along the lines of this.<br /><br />With the objects button (at the bottom) selected, open item propeties for your planet and set render subpatch level to 5.<br /><br />Now open up the surface editor. You should have only one surface, Default. Leave it that way. Enable Smoothing for Default. Set Bump at 200%, and open up the bump texture window. Create a Procedural texture, and adjust the settings to match the picture's. Also set the texture scale to 250mm for X, Y, and Z.    More detail...

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