Internet of Things - Liability

The security flaws of IoT and its ability to perform certain tasks open the door to any associated liability. The three main areas of concern are device malfunction, attacks, and data theft. These issues can result in a wide variety of damages.

Device Malfunction

IoT introduces a deeper level of automation which can have control over critical systems, and systems impacting life and property. When these systems fail or malfunction, they can cause substantial damage; for example, if an IoT furnace control system experiences a glitch, it may fail in an unoccupied home and cause frozen pipes and water damage. This forces organizations to create measures against it.

Smart Thermostat

This smart thermostat allows attackers to gain remote access, and breach the rest of the network.

Cyber Attacks

IoT devices expose an entire network and anything directly impacted to the risk of attacks. Though those connections deliver powerful integration and productivity, they also create the perfect opportunity for mayhem like a hacked stove or fire safety sprinkler system. The best measures against this address the most vulnerable points, and provide custom protections such as monitoring and access privileges.

Some of the most effective measures against attacks prove simple −

  • Built-in Security − Individuals and organizations should seek hardened devices, meaning those with security integrated in the hardware and firmware.

  • Encryption − This must be implemented by the manufacturer and through user systems.

  • Risk Analysis − Organizations and individuals must analyze possible threats in designing their systems or choosing them.

  • Authorization − Devices, whenever possible, must be subject to privilege policies and access methods.

Bitdefender Box

Bitdefender BOX secures all connected devices in the home.

Data Theft

Data, IoT's strength and weakness, proves irresistible to many. These individuals have a number of reasons for their interest − the value of personal data to marketing/advertising, identity theft, framing individuals for crimes, stalking, and a bizarre sense of satisfaction. Measures used to fight attacks are also effective in managing this threat.

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