IoT - Environmental Monitoring

The applications of IoT in environmental monitoring are broad − environmental protection, extreme weather monitoring, water safety, endangered species protection, commercial farming, and more. In these applications, sensors detect and measure every type of environmental change.

Air and Water Pollution

Current monitoring technology for air and water safety primarily uses manual labor along with advanced instruments, and lab processing. IoT improves on this technology by reducing the need for human labor, allowing frequent sampling, increasing the range of sampling and monitoring, allowing sophisticated testing on-site, and binding response efforts to detection systems. This allows us to prevent substantial contamination and related disasters.

Extreme Weather

Though powerful, advanced systems currently in use allow deep monitoring, they suffer from using broad instruments, such as radar and satellites, rather than more granular solutions. Their instruments for smaller details lack the same accurate targeting of stronger technology.

New IoT advances promise more fine-grained data, better accuracy, and flexibility. Effective forecasting requires high detail and flexibility in range, instrument type, and deployment. This allows early detection and early responses to prevent loss of life and property.

Commercial Farming

Today's sophisticated commercial farms have exploited advanced technology and biotechnology for quite some time, however, IoT introduces more access to deeper automation and analysis.


Much of commercial farming, like weather monitoring, suffers from a lack of precision and requires human labor in the area of monitoring. Its automation also remains limited.

IoT allows operations to remove much of the human intervention in system function, farming analysis, and monitoring. Systems detect changes to crops, soil, environment, and more. They optimize standard processes through analysis of large, rich data collections. They also prevent health hazards (e.g., e. coli) from happening and allow better control.

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