HTML - Progress Tag


The HTML <progress> tag specifies a completion progress of a task. It is displayed as a progress bar. The value of progressbar can be manipulated by JavaScript.


<!DOCTYPE html>

      <title>HTML Progress Tag</title>

      <h1>Student's Intelligence level</h1>
      <progress value = "80" max = "100"/>


This will produce the following result −

Global Attributes

This tag supports all the global attributes described in − HTML Attribute Reference

Specific Attributes

The HTML <progress> tag also supports the following additional attributes −

Attribute Value Description
max html-5 max It should have a value greater than zero and a valid floating point number.
valuehtml-5 value Specifies how much of the task that has been completed. It should be a floating point number between 0 and max or 0 and 1 if max is omitted.

Event Attributes

This tag supports all the event attributes described in − HTML Events Reference

Browser Support

Chrome Firefox IE Opera Safari Android
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes