Grunt - Features


Grunt is a JavaScript based task runner which means it can automate repetitive tasks in a workflow and it can be used as a command line tool for JavaScript objects.

Some of the most prominent features of GruntJS are listed below −

  • Grunt makes the workflow as easy as writing a setup file.

  • You can automate repetitive tasks with minimum effort.

  • Grunt is a popular task runner based on NodeJS. It is flexible and widely adopted.

  • It has a straightforward approach which includes tasks in JS and config in JSON.

  • Grunt minifies JavaScript, CSS files, testing files, compiling CSS preprocessor files (SASS, LESS), etc.

  • Grunt includes built-in tasks that extend the functionality of your plugins and scripts.

  • It speeds up the development workflow and enhances the performance of projects.

  • You can easily work with a new codebase using Grunt because it contains less infrastructure.

  • The ecosystem of Grunt is huge; you can automate anything with very less effort.

  • Grunt reduces the chance of getting errors while performing repetitive tasks.

  • Grunt currently has over 4000 plugins.

  • It can be used in big production sites.