Google Colab - Sharing Notebook

To share the notebook that you have created with other co-developers, you may share the copy that you have made in your Google Drive.

To publish the notebook to general audience, you may share it from your GitHub repository.

There is one more way to share your work and that is by clicking on the SHARE link at the top right hand corner of your Colab notebook. This will open the share box as shown here −

Sharing Notebook

You may enter the email IDs of people with whom you would like to share the current document. You can set the kind of access by selecting from the three options shown in the above screen.

Click on the Get shareable link option to get the URL of your notebook. You will find options for whom to share as follows −

  • Specified group of people

  • Colleagues in your organization

  • Anyone with the link

  • All public on the web

Now. you know how to create/execute/save/share a notebook. In the Code cell, we used Python so far. The code cell can also be used for invoking system commands. This is explained next.

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