Gerrit - Setting Up Git-Review

Git-review can be used to send git branches to Gerrit for reviewing. You can set up gitreview using the following command in the project directory.

$ git review -s

Git-review can be used as the command line tool for configuring Git clone, submitting the branches to Gerrit, fetching the existing files, etc. Git-review looks for the remote named gerrit for working with Gerrit by default.

If git-review finds the Gerrit remote, then it will submit the branch to HEAD:refs/for/master at the remote location and if there is no Gerrit remote access, then git-review looks for the .gitreview file at the root of the repository along with the gerrit remote information.

Git-review processes the following internally −

  • It will check whether the remote repository works or not for submitting the branches.

  • If there is no Gerrit remote access, then it will ask for the username and try to access the repository again.

  • It will create a remote access called gerrit that points to Gerrit.

  • It will install the commit-msg hook.

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