Foundation - Offsets



Using large-offset-* or small-offset-* class, you can move the columns to the right. The left margin of a column is increased by the number specified while defining the class in *. For example, large-offset-4.


The following example demonstrates the use of offsets in Foundation −

<!DOCTYPE html>
      <title>Foundation Template</title>
      <meta name = "viewport" content = "width = device-width, initial-scale = 1">

      <link rel="stylesheet" href="" integrity="sha256-1mcRjtAxlSjp6XJBgrBeeCORfBp/ppyX4tsvpQVCcpA= sha384-b5S5X654rX3Wo6z5/hnQ4GBmKuIJKMPwrJXn52ypjztlnDK2w9+9hSMBz/asy9Gw sha512-M1VveR2JGzpgWHb0elGqPTltHK3xbvu3Brgjfg4cg5ZNtyyApxw/45yHYsZ/rCVbfoO5MSZxB241wWq642jLtA==" crossorigin="anonymous">

      <!-- Compressed JavaScript -->
      <script src=""></script>
      <script src="" integrity="sha256-WUKHnLrIrx8dew//IpSEmPN/NT3DGAEmIePQYIEJLLs= sha384-53StQWuVbn6figscdDC3xV00aYCPEz3srBdV/QGSXw3f19og3Tq2wTRe0vJqRTEO sha512-X9O+2f1ty1rzBJOC8AXBnuNUdyJg0m8xMKmbt9I3Vu/UOWmSg5zG+dtnje4wAZrKtkopz/PEDClHZ1LXx5IeOw==" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

      <h2>Grid - Offsets</h2>

      <div class = "row">
         <div class = "large-2 columns" style = "background-color:#808000;">
            Two column

         <div class = "large-10 columns" style = "background-color:#7B68EE;">
            10 columns

      <div class = "row">
         <div class = "large-2 columns" style = "background-color:#8BD6EE;">
            Two columns

         <div class = "large-8 small-offset-2 columns" style = "background-color:#C0B0F0;">
            8 column, offset 2 column

      <div class = "row">
         <div class = "large-3 columns" style = "background-color:#808000;">
            3 columns

         <div class = "large-5 small-offset-4 columns" style = "background-color:#8BD6EE;">
            5 columns, offset 4 column



Let us carry out the following steps to see how the above given code works −

  • Save the above given html code offsets.html file.

  • Open this HTML file in a browser, an output is displayed as shown below.