Foundation - JavaScript Configuring Plugins


Plugins can be customized by using its configuration settings. For instance, you can set the speed of the accordion slides up and down. The plugin settings can be globally changed using the plugin's DEFAULTS property.

Foundation.Accordion.defaults.slideSpeed = 600;
Foundation.Accordion.defaults.multiExpand = true;

The plugins can be set with different settings by changing the HTML settings or in JavaScript. Every setting in HTML is defined as an individual data attribute.


The following example demonstrates how to configure plugin in Foundation.

      <title>JavaScript Configuring Plugins</title>
      <link rel="stylesheet" href="" integrity="sha256-1mcRjtAxlSjp6XJBgrBeeCORfBp/ppyX4tsvpQVCcpA= sha384-b5S5X654rX3Wo6z5/hnQ4GBmKuIJKMPwrJXn52ypjztlnDK2w9+9hSMBz/asy9Gw sha512-M1VveR2JGzpgWHb0elGqPTltHK3xbvu3Brgjfg4cg5ZNtyyApxw/45yHYsZ/rCVbfoO5MSZxB241wWq642jLtA==" crossorigin="anonymous">

      <!-- Compressed JavaScript -->
      <script src=""></script>
      <script src="" integrity="sha256-WUKHnLrIrx8dew//IpSEmPN/NT3DGAEmIePQYIEJLLs= sha384-53StQWuVbn6figscdDC3xV00aYCPEz3srBdV/QGSXw3f19og3Tq2wTRe0vJqRTEO sha512-X9O+2f1ty1rzBJOC8AXBnuNUdyJg0m8xMKmbt9I3Vu/UOWmSg5zG+dtnje4wAZrKtkopz/PEDClHZ1LXx5IeOw==" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>


      <ul class = "accordion" data-accordion data-slide-speed = "600" role = "tablist">
         <li class = "accordion-item is-active">
            <a href = "#collapse1" role = "tab" class = "accordion-title" id = "collapse1-heading">Foundation</a>
            <div id = "collapse1" class = "accordion-content" role = "tabpanel" data-tab-content aria-labelledby = "panel1d-heading">
               The most advanced responsive front-end framework.

         <li class = "accordion-item">
            <a href = "#collapse2" role = "tab" class = "accordion-title" id = "collapse2-heading">CSS</a>
            <div id = "collapse2" class = "accordion-content" role = "tabpanel" data-tab-content aria-labelledby = "panel1d-heading">
               CSS describes the presentation of an HTML documents.

         <li class = "accordion-item">
            <a href = "#collapse3" role = "tab" class = "accordion-title" id = "collapse3-heading">HTML</a>
            <div id = "collapse3" class = "accordion-content" role = "tabpanel" data-tab-content aria-labelledby = "panel1d-heading">
               HTML is a markup language for describing web documents.

         $(document).ready(function() {


Let us carry out the following steps to see how the above given code works −

  • Save the above given html code javascript_configuring_plugins.html file.

  • Open this HTML file in a browser, an output is displayed as shown below.