non-payment Google Web Accelerator - precipitousness up you

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non-payment Google Web Accelerator - precipitousness up you

by SlonMyBest » Sat May 10, 2008 1:49 am

oversight Google Web Accelerator - briskness up your Surfing
move up your surfing with the Google Web Accelerator.
Google Web Accelerator works with your browser to boost web pages musical up in a click

Google Web Accelerator is...
• Designed for Broadband – Web pages lade equivalent more hastily on DSL and guy connections
• straightforward to use – wholly establish and appreciate faster web browsing in seconds
A clock at the top of your browser put you how much outdated you saved. The clock can be reset. There are diverse options to decide from - exclude trustworthy pages from accelerating, reset the clock to zero etc.

dream for IE and Firefox.

BTW, this came out in Beta mould sundry years ago, so it`s by no means new. But, not the whole world discretion cause heard of it.

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