searching for prog to hide running games

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searching for prog to hide running games

by habbahabra » Tue Sep 25, 2007 2:03 pm

sorry, im nub. please help me. im very need full version minimize to tray
i try to find it 4days, found two cracked versions. but first is dont start up and after second my xp started to load blue screen,
and my friend reinstalled it. help me, without it i cant hide games :(
or maybe u now another util for hidin games? i very need it... i searched for it in gooogle, but found nothing
i nedd to hide my wow
i like to play games all nighz and dayz! but my mom and dad very angry about it, they said that if i dont stop playng this stupid (oh no!!! ragnarok is not stuped!) games, they throw away my laptop :(
hope to see your reply

thanks for advise
hey, do u like play games?

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