XSLT vs XSLT4r transformation of xml

Postby ascott » Wed Nov 11, 2009 12:45 am

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I'm writing an application that has a link to a database-stored file location for a zipped xml file. I want the link to unzip the file to a temp directory, apply an xslt transformer, and open the report in a new window. I have the unzip functionality working. I tried using 'require xml/libxslt' but it couldn't find the xslt library. I used 'require xslt' and it compiled fine but the implentation didn't work. I decided to use the xslt4r modules from the RAA Repositories. I'm getting an error from the line "sheet = stylesheet )"... "Must pass in an XML::Document instance". if I change the code to "sheet = stylesheet, arguments )" I get the error: "wrong number of arguments (2 for 1)". This leads me to believe that the "require xslt" is not binding to xslt4r but to the previous xslt module. I find little documentation for the installation of xslt4r. Is there a way to verify that xslt4r is intalled correctly and that 'require xslt' is referencing it. Or can you tell me if my implementation is incorrect. Any help is greatly appreciated.