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Drupal - Internationalization


In this chapter, we will learn about Internationalization in Drupal. Internationalization is a module which lets you create multilingual sites. This way you can display your website in different languages.

Following are the steps for Internationalization −

Step 1 − Click Module from the menu bar.

Drupal Internationalization

Step 2 − To get the Internationalization module you must first download and install it in Drupal. Then you must enable the Internationalization module, and click Save Configuration.

Drupal Internationalization

Step 3 − Next, you can see a Configure setting on the right side of the page for Internationalization module as shown in the following screen.

Drupal Internationalization

Step 4 − Click Configure and you get the following page.

Drupal Internationalization

In Languages for content −

  • Enabled language only − When you check this box, you can only view those languages that are enabled.

  • All Defined languages will be allowed − Only the defined languages will be allowed, when you check this box.

You can see some tabs on the top right corner of the page −

  • Selection − You can select nodes and taxonomy according to language.

  • Variables − Select variables to be set.

  • Node Options − Helps you set nodes.

  • Strings − Helps to change the format of the page.

Once you are done with the changes, click Save Configuration.