CSS2 - Aural Properties

This is a complete reference guide for web developers where we have listed all the CSS properties related to Aural defined in the World Wide Web Consortium's Recommended Specification for Cascading Style Sheets, Level 2.

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Sr.No. Property & Description
1 azimuth

Describes the position of a sound source along the horizontal axis of the listener's environment.

2 cue-after

Plays the designated sound after an element is spoken.

3 cue-before

Plays the designated sound before an element is spoken.

4 elevation

Sets the height at which a sound is played.

5 pause

The pause property is CSS shorthand for specifying shorthand property for specifying pauses in aural media.

6 pause-after

Pauses a media after speaking an element.

7 pause-before

Pauses a media before speaking an element.

8 pitch

Sets the average pitch of an element's spoken content.

9 pitch-range

Sets the range of the pitch, from 0 (flat) to 100 (broad); default is 50.

10 play-during

If a URL is provided, it is played during an element's spoken content. specifying repeat loops the audio; mix causes it to mix with, rather than replace, other background audio.

11 richness

Sets the richness of the voice, from 0 (flat) to 100 (mellifluous); default is 50

12 speak

Determines how an element's content is spoken.

13 speak-header

Determines if table headers are spoken once for each row or column or each time a cell is spoken.

14 speak-numeral

Determines how numerals are spoken.

15 speak-punctuation

Determines if punctuation is spoken or used for inflection.

16 speech-rate

Sets the rate of speech; a number sets the rate in words per minute.

17 stress

Sets the stress of the voice, from 0 (catatonic) to 100 (hyperactive); default is 50.

18 volume

Sets the volume of spoken content; numeric values range from 0 to 100.