Cognos - Report Templates

In Report Studio, you can create different types of reports. They allow you to present the data in different formats like a list report can be used to show the customer information.

The following reports can be created in Report Studio

List Report

This report is used to show the data in detailed format. Data is shown in rows and columns and each column contains all the values of a data item.

Quarter Order number Quantity Revenue
Q4 101035 105 $4,200.00
101037 90 $8,470.80
101044 124 $11,479.92
101052 193 $15,952.42
101064 58 $5,458.96
101065 78 $7,341.36
101081 145 $5,800.00
101092 81 $7,623.72
101093 50 $4,706.00
101103 139 $5,560.00


Like list report, a cross tab report also shows the data in row and columns, but the data is compact and not detailed. At the intersection points of rows and columns, you show the summarized data.



You can use the Report Studio to create many chart types, including column, bar, area, and line charts. You can also create custom charts that combine these chart types.



You can also use maps in the Report Studio to present data for a particular region, country or a location.

A map report consists of three parts

  • Region Layer
  • Point Layer
  • Display Layer


Repeaters are used to add repeat items in a report while running the report. To add a Repeater, drag a repeater from the tool box to work area.