Cognos - Notification Methods

An agent can use different notification methods to notify business users. An agent can notify business users by −

  • An email to business users.
  • Publishing a news item to a folder frequently used by users.

Email to Business Users

You can notify people by email using either a report task or an email task. To help you decide which method to use, you should understand how they differ.

You can use either a report task or an email task −

  • To send a single email text message.
  • To attach a single report in the specified output formats.
  • If you attach only one HTML report and leave the body field empty, the report appears in the message body.
  • To add links to a single report for the specified output formats.

News Item Published

In this, you can publish a news item/headline to a folder whose content can be viewed in a Cognos Navigator portlet and in any folder view. When a Business user clicks on the headline, it can open the content or view it as a web page.