Cognos - Custom Calculations

You can add custom calculations to your report as per the business requirement. With the help of operators, different calculations can be added like if you want to add a new value salary*0.2 as a Bonus.

To create Calculations in a Report −

  • Select the item in the report.
  • Click the insert calculation button and select the calculation to perform.

Note − Calculations that are not applicable to the items you selected are greyed out.

Insert Calculations

To change the order of the operands or the name of the calculated item added to the report, click Custom. The calculation appears as a new row or a column in your report.



Drill up and drill down is used to perform analysis by moving between levels of information. Drill down is used to see more detailed information to lowest level and drill up is used to compare the results.

To drill down or up in a single row or column, pause the pointer over the label text until the icon with the plus sign (+) and caret drill down drill up icon appears and the text is underlined, and then click.

To drill down or up in both a row and column simultaneously, click on the value at the intersection of the row and the column, and then click again.