CMMI Players - Roles Responsibilities


This chapter discusses the major players involved with a process improvement effort. Group and individual responsibilities are highlighted. However, your organization may require more - or fewer - groups.

Note that one person can fulfill many of these roles simultaneously or serially, depending on the size of your organization and the complexity of your process improvement (PI) effort.

Process Improvement Champions, Sponsors, and Groups

Process improvement efforts generally require the following individuals and groups:

  • PI Sponsor: The person from the organization responsible for over-seeing the entire PI effort. This person generally has the power to allocate funds and personnel. This person is usually at the directorate level or above.

  • PI Champion: This is the public relations person for the PI effort. This person may or may not also serve as the EPG Lead. This person markets the idea, approach, and results of PI.

  • Engineering Process Group (EPG) Lead: This person leads the group that reviews processes. This person assigns tasks to the EPG members, monitors their efforts, and plans the daily duties of the EPG.

  • EPG Members: These individuals serve on the EPG as committee members. They are responsible for ensuring that process improvement documentation is written and followed. They are also responsible for generating metrics to track the process improvement process. They lead the PATs.

  • Process Action Teams (PATs): These teams generate the process improvement documentation . policies, processes, procedures, charters, and Action Plans.

  • Transition Partner: Usually one or two individuals who are outside consultants brought in to help set up, plan, lead, and monitor progress in organizational process improvement. These individuals bring experience doing process improvement from several other organizations and industries.