Cloudrail - Overview

CloudRail is an API integration solution that speeds up the process of integrating third-party APIs into an application and maintaining them. It does so by providing libraries for multiple platforms featuring abstraction layers that combine similar services behind a common interface.

CloudRail - Features

Here is a list of some of the most prominent features of CloudRail −

  • Unified API − CloudRail bundles multiple web APIs into a single unified API. For instance, the function upload() works exactly the same for Dropbox as it does for Google Drive. You can easily integrate whole categories of providers, e.g. Social Logins, or change a provider with a single line of code.

  • API Change Management − APIs change all the time, leading to broken integrations, unsatisfied customers and even more wasted development time. CloudRail monitors all APIs and maintains the integrations. You get immediate notifications about changes and all you need to do is update the CloudRail library to the latest version – no code changes required.

  • API Statistics − Understand which APIs and functions are being used most by your customers. Get the necessary insights you need to identify new features or improve marketing campaigns.

  • Direct Data − None of your data will ever pass a CloudRail server. The system doesn’t use a hosted middleware. All data transformation happens in the CloudRail library which is integrated in your App. This means no data privacy concerns, no down-times and no additional SPOF.

  • OAuth Made Simple − Doing OAuth authentications is a pain. CloudRail makes authorizations as simple as adding a single line of code.

The free version of CloudRail may only be used for non-commercial purpose or testing. Commercial users must purchase a license.