Judge Your Progress

Many classroom management tips have been discussed throughout the tutorial to assist you in becoming a good and then a great teacher. Here are some pointers you can use to judge your own progress.

You should answer these questions in the affirmative −

  • Have you laid down classroom behaviour rules at the beginning of the session?

  • Can you identify when a student tries to hijack your class?

  • Do the students come to you when they have a problem not related to your subject?

  • Are you able to identify triggers behind most of the problems?

  • Have you been praised for tactful handling of a difficult child?


You should answer these questions in the negative −

  • Do you get angry when a student distracts you?

  • Do you feel frustrated when you are not able to proceed in the class as per plan?

  • Can the children sense when you are in a foul mood and behave accordingly?

  • Do you waste lots of your teaching time in explaining classroom rules?

  • If you come to your class late, do you find your class in chaos?

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