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Interview Preparation Tips

By: Mohtashim

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Interviews are always unpredictable and little scary too but you can do lot better even if you are attending an interview for the first time. YOU ARE THE BEST...only these 4 words works. I'm not talking about superiority complex but you should not have inferiority complex while attending an interview. You have to build up a confidence inside you and you have to support yourself at the time of interview. Here I would not give you a 1000 page interview book but I will give you some general tips to get your focus on tack. With a few interviews you will be on your way and you will also write same notes for others. So when you get an interview call then take care of the followings

(1) First of all do some research about the company for which you are going to attend this interview. You can get some some idea from Internet or from any of your friends. This will give you idea about the work domain of the company (Telecom Billing, Financial Application or any other domain ). This will give you a particular direction to prepare yourself for the interview. Once you understood about the work domain then start gathering relevant information for that domain and prepare yourself for technical questions. In case you know the position for which you are going to be interviewed then prepare a questionnaire for that position and do a good rehearsal to answer them. This phase should bring you in full confidence and you should start to feel that now you are ready to answer anything.

(2) Once you are fully prepared for technical questions then there are some common questions for which you would have to prepare in advance. I'm listing down very basic questions which can be asked from you during your interview.

(3) Now hope you are fully prepared for technical and non technical questions. Before starting from home you have check the followings:

(4) Starting from the time when you enter into the interview room:

Now you are fully prepared for your upcoming interview. Believe in yourself and think positive. Trust me.. you can do whatever you like and you are really really the best...

I'm also wishing you best of luck...


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