Web - Ecommerce Hosting


Ecommerce is a way of doing business through Internet. Specially when you are selling your product or services through Internet then you are doing ecommerce.

So if you planning to put a web site which will have transactions likes buying or selling items or services then it means you are going to setup an ecommerce web site. If this is the case then I don't think this guide will help you upto a level where should be able to setup an ecommerce site because there are many more things which should be considered while setting up an ecommerce web site.

Still you can start from here : E-commerce hosting are bit expansive but they should not be treated as expansive that you can not start an ecommerce web site. Now a days it is very easy to set up an ecommerce site only thing is that just get in touch of any good service provider and start gathering basic information.

There many service providers who help you to setup your virtual store and charge you unexpectedly very low. Even now google also has started google account service in which you can sell your products through them and all the money will come in your account without any hassle.

While finalizing your ecommerce hosting setup, to avoid any future risk you should be very clear on how to handle the followings:

  • Customer Registrations

  • Customer Transactions

  • Product Catalogs

  • Customer Orders

  • Order Security

  • Server Security

  • Server Maintenance

  • Server Backup

  • Server downtime

  • Inventory Control

  • Shipment Methods

  • Payment Methods

  • Foreign currency

  • Credit Cards

  • Taxes issues

You should take this list and discuss it with your service provider as well to understand how they will support you to handle all these items.