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UDDI Specifications

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The UDDI project also defines a set of XML Schema definitions that describe the data formats used by the various specification APIs. These documents are all available for download at The current version of all specification groups is Version 2.0.

The specifications include:

UDDI Replication:

This document describes the data replication processes and interfaces to which a registry operator must conform to achieve data replication between sites. This specification is not a programmer's API; it defines the replication mechanism used among UBR nodes.

UDDI Operators:

This document outlines the behavior and operational parameters required by UDDI node operators. This specification defines data management requirements to which operators must adhere.

UDDI Programmer's API:

This specification defines a set of functions that all UDDI registries support for inquiring about services hosted in a registry and for publishing information about a business or a service to a registry. This specification defines a series of SOAP messages containing XML documents that a UDDI registry accepts, parses, and responds to. This specification, along with the UDDI XML API schema and the UDDI Data Structure specification, makes up a complete programming interface to a UDDI registry.

UDDI Data Structures:

This specification covers the specifics of the XML structures contained within the SOAP messages defined by the UDDI Programmer's API. This specification defines five core data structures and their relationships to one another.

The UDDI XML API schema is not contained in a specification; rather, it is stored as an XML Schema document that defines the structure and datatypes of the UDDI data structures.

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