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UDDI Implementations

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A number of UDDI implementations are currently available. These implementations make it easier to search or publish UDDI data, without getting mired in the complexities of the UDDI API. Here is a brief synopsis of the main UDDI implementations available.

Java Implementations:

There are two UDDI implementations for Java.

  • UDDI4J (UDDI for Java): UDDI4J was originally created by IBM. In January 2001, IBM turned over the code to its own open source site. UDDI4J is a Java class library that provides an API to interact with a UDDI.

  • jUDDI: jUDDI is an open source Java implementation of a UDDI registry and a toolkit for accessing UDDI services.

Perl Implementation:

  • UDDI::Lite : provides a basic UDDI client for inquiry and publishing.

Ruby Implementation:

  • UDDI4r: provides a basic UDDI client for inquiry and publishing.

Python Implementation:

  • UDDI4Py: UDDI4Py is a Python package that allows the sending of requests to and processing of responses from the UDDI Version 2 APIs.

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