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UDDI Elements

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A business or company can register three types of information into a UDDI registry. This information is contained into three elements of UDDI.

These three elements are :

(1) White pages:

This category contains:

  • Basic information about the Company and its business.

  • Basic contact information including business name, address, contact phone number etc.

  • A unique identifiers for the company tax IDs. This information allows others to discover your web service based upon your business identification.

(2) Yellow pages:

This category contains:

  • This has more details about the company, and includes descriptions of the kind of electronic capabilities the company can offer to anyone who wants to do business with it.

  • It uses commonly accepted industrial categorization schemes, industry codes, product codes, business identification codes and the like to make it easier for companies to search through the listings and find exactly what they want.

(3) Green pages:

This category contains technical information about a web service. This is what allows someone to bind to a Web service after it's been found. This includes:

  • The various interfaces

  • The URL locations

  • Discovery information and similar data required to find and run the Web service.

NOTE: UDDI is not restricted to describing web services based on SOAP. Rather, UDDI can be used to describe any service, from a single web page or email address all the way up to SOAP, CORBA, and Java RMI services.

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