Six Sigma - Summary


We can summaries following points:

  • Six Sigma is a philosophy of quality improvement

  • Six sigma is 3.4 defects in one million opportunities (DPMO).

  • Components of Six Sigma are Customer, process and Employees.

  • Six Sigma implementation requires following roles:

    • Business Leader

    • Sponsor

    • Black Belt

    • Master Black Belt

    • Green Belt

  • Six Sigma generic cycle includes Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control Phases.

  • Six Sigma is Customer focus, Customer focus, Customer focus.

What's Next:

This tutorial may be just a beginning of your journey with Six Sigma and you would have to go too far.

There are many resources available on the net which you would have to explore to understand Six Sigma. We have listed down few resources Resource Section.

You would also like to through all the important terms used in Six Sigma. Check them in Glossary Section...