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Scriptaculous Tutorial is a JavaScript library built on the Prototype JavaScript Framework. provides dynamic visual effects and other functionality via the Document Object Model (DOM).

This tutorial gives a complete understanding on

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Tutorial Content

  1. Home: Startup page for this tutorial. Same page you are looking at right now.

  2. Short Overview: Gives a brief overview of

  3. Major Modules : List out all the modules supported by

  4. Visual Effects : Gives complete understanding on creation of visual effects using

  5. Drag & Drop: Explains Drag and Drop functionality in detail.

  6. Sorting Elements: Learn how to sort various elements using drag and drop functionality.

  7. Create Sliders: Yes, you can provide a multi purpose slider at your web site

  8. Auto Completion: Explains how to implement Auto Completion

  9. In Place Editing: Click and update in place using

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