Ruby/TK - Message Box Widget


Standard Options:


Widget-specific Options:

SNOptions with Description
1icon => String

Specify the icon of the messageBox. Valid values are error, info, question, or warning.

2type => String

Specify the type of the messageBox. Valid values are abortretryignore, ok, okcancel, retrycancel, yesno, or yesnocancel. The type determines the buttons to be shown.

3default => String

Specify the default button. This must be one of abort, retry, ignore, ok, cancel, yes, or no, depending on the type of the messageBox previously specified.

4detail => String

Specify text for the detail region of the messageBox.

5message => String

Specify the message text of the messageBox.

6title => String

Specify the title of the messageBox.

Event Bindings:



require 'tk'

root =
root.title = "Window"

msgBox = Tk.messageBox(
  'type'    => "ok",  
  'icon'    => "info", 
  'title'   => "This is title",
  'message' => "This is message"

This will produce the following result:

Ruby/Tk MsgBox