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  • DIAMETER is a planned replacement of RADIUS.

  • DIAMETER is a AAA protocol for the applications such as net work access and IP mobility.

  • Intended to work in both local & Roaming AAA situations.

  • DIAMETER is just twice the predecessor protocol RADIUS.

  • Uses TCP or SCTP and not UDP.

  • It uses transport level security ( IPSEC or TLS ).

  • 32 bit identifier in stead of 8 bit.

  • Stateless as well as stateful modes supported.

  • Supports application layer acknowledgement, define failover.

  • Better roaming support.

  • Uses AVPs.

  • Easy to extend, new commands and attributes can be defined.

What is Next ?

Now you have basic understanding of RADIUS & DIAMETER. To go in deeep detail for both the protocols you need to go through various RFCs and other resources mentioned in the next chapter.

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